Let's face it, we all knew someone was going to make a blog about this eventually. Luckily for everyone, that person is me :). So let's cut to the chase.

Avatar Aang, during ATLA, was a 12 year old air nomad who had to master 3 more elements and defeat Ozai in just one year. He didn't do it by himself of course. Aang had his friends, or Team Avatar, to help him out. During his journeys, he also helped many different villages, and saved many lives. Eventually, he learned energybending from a lionturtle, defeated Ozai, and brought peace back to the world. Then he created the United Republic of Nations with Zuko, and saved Republic City from Yakone. Pretty remarkable life if you ask me.

Avatar Korra, during LoK, was a 17 year old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. She had already mastered 3 elements, and only needed to learn airbending. So she traveled to Republic City to be trained by Tenzin. As we all know, things did not go as planned. While there, she: became a professional pro-bender, dealt with romantic issues, and saved the city(and possibly the world) from the Equalists. She learned to airbend a little late, but she still got the job done. Like Aang, she also had her own "Team Avatar". Not bad so far.

Both Aang and Korra are amazing avatars, but only one can be better. I'm still deciding, but we must decide here. Who is better?!?!

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