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May 27, 2012
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    (Before you read this, I did read the blog policy and this will concern the site.)

    It's been long Avatar Wiki. I've been gone for half a year, and I feel you should all know why. In the month of July, I became involved in the Great Wikequalist Conspiracy, which if successful would have demoted KettleMeetPot, Lady Lostris, The 888th Avatar, PSUAvatar14, and many other rollbacks. The entire movement was based on bruised egos, and false mistreatment. In the end, no one was demoted, and many of the conspirators were negatively affected.

    On July 31, 2012, the sockpuppet I had created, Akane Star, got me blocked for 6 months. This gave me a lot of time to reflect on my actions and learn from my mistakes. During my time gone, I've learned so much. …

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  • Shadow Star

    Alright, everyone, I think there is some misinformation going around. No one who made the forum about the admins and rollbacks losing their rights is out for revenge. In case you haven't seen it yet, here it is. Also, none of us have bruised egos. If we were, then we would not be this civil believe me. I see Thailog saying in all of his votes that this whole incident is just an attempt at petty revenge. It's not. I'm asking you anyone who votes there. If you vote, please vote unbiased. Don't vote based on how much you like or know the person. Vote because of what actually happened. Forums are one of the few places on this wiki that are completely fair. Please keep that in mind. Thank you.

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  • Shadow Star

    Let's face it, we all knew someone was going to make a blog about this eventually. Luckily for everyone, that person is me :). So let's cut to the chase.

    Avatar Aang, during ATLA, was a 12 year old air nomad who had to master 3 more elements and defeat Ozai in just one year. He didn't do it by himself of course. Aang had his friends, or Team Avatar, to help him out. During his journeys, he also helped many different villages, and saved many lives. Eventually, he learned energybending from a lionturtle, defeated Ozai, and brought peace back to the world. Then he created the United Republic of Nations with Zuko, and saved Republic City from Yakone. Pretty remarkable life if you ask me.

    Avatar Korra, during LoK, was a 17 year old girl from the …

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  • Shadow Star

    Recently, I made a blog post in an attempt to rally everyone onto my side. I realize now that doing so was wrong, and I apologize for any problems I may have caused. At first, I was very annoyed at the removal of comments. I thought it was killing the wiki, and ruining communication between users. I thought that comments were what made this wiki different from all the other wikis I have visited. I thought wrong.

    I joined this wiki about a month ago, so I have not been here very long. Yet, I have seen how the quality of comments has really gone downhill in the past 4 weeks. Most comments I see are about shipping, lame jokes, irrelevant Amon theories, and more nonsense. I have to admit, I get very tired of seeing it. There are people out there…

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