Well, for those readers who read Otherworlder (The awesome sauce ones :D), andmight have noticed that one of my new characters, Daemon, is almost the same as the one the user Blaid created, is because it is. Blaid had wanted a story to put Daemon and his allies in, and i needed a new character to fix a bunch of holes in my stories,me and Blaid (who by the way is the author of many succesful fanons on other wikis, so i am very lucky that he is helping) have decided that Daemon and his allies would be perfect in Otherworlder. Anything Blaid writes about Daemon is true in my story. Thnx again for the awesome sauce people that read Otherworlder, and for Blaid for helping me with putting Daemon in!!

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Shadow Eden96Ozai-sprite 01:38, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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