Well, since Otherworlder has not that many readers (though the ones that do read it are AWESOME SAUSE in my book) i decided to write a blog. Basically it's about a kid from our world who gets sucked into the Avatar world. Unfortuanatly his coming heralds the coming of an ancient enemy, the Shadowbenders. Here's an excerpt:

The sphere was powerful. Every shot Jason made with shadows was deflected by the sphere's elements. Eventually, Aang lowered himself to the ground, and reshaped the sphere into a single blast, and shot it at Jason. Jason countered with his own massive shadow blast, and the two collided. The blasts were evenly powerful, and neither got any closer to thier targets. Suddenly, Jason dropped to the ground. Aang was so surprised he didn't see what was going to come next. With a spin, Jason shot a arc of darkness at Aang's feet, tripping him. When Aang was about to hit the ground, Jason used both his feet and hands to blast Aang. Aang landed with a thud, and upon trying to get up, saw Jason fly into the air and was about to obliterate him with a giant sphere of darkness. Aang's eyes flashed again, and he just made an air barrier in time to shield himself from Jason's attack. Jason was suspended in the air by the sphere, which was still trying to break Aang's air barrier. Aang knew he couldn't hold the barrier for long; beads of sweat were already beginning to run down his face. He made the air pulse, and with every throb the pulse got bigger. Finally, the throb was so big, when it hit the dark sphere, it shattered and exploded. Jason was thrown into a house nearby, while Aang finally realeased the air in the barrier. Aang was so exhausted, he could barely move. But, to his horror, some debris was pushed away, and Jason climbed out of the ruins. How could he have survived? Aang didn't know. All he knew was that his life was about to end.....

That's one of the fight scenes in the series. If you like this and want to read the full story, got to the Otherworlder main page and read from Chapter One: Visions.

Hope you like it! Shadow Eden96Ozai-sprite 12:33, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

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