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July 5, 2010
  • Seth-218


    November 4, 2010 by Seth-218

    Hello, people, Seth-218 here! I was just wondering something. That something is the topic of this blog, it issss, who do you relate yourself the most to in A: TLA? It's a random question that popped into my head last night(about myself, I don't think about this wiki night&day) and I wondered what YOU people thought. Anyway, I personally relate myself to...(thinking)Aang. Not in age, I as it so happens, am 21 years of age. Anyway, please leave your true personal opinion. By the wayyy...

    • Please, put who you think you are, not who your favorite character is(unless you relate to your favorite character, then, by all means, go ahead).
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  • Seth-218

    Sorry I Suck

    November 1, 2010 by Seth-218

    Hello, few people who actually pay a wit's end to crap I do on this wiki, I am writing this blog as an apology for not being active. Well, anyway, sorry.

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  • Seth-218

    Searching for help

    August 22, 2010 by Seth-218

    Hello good people, the co-creator of my fanon, Avatar:End of the Line, has been fired and I am searching for anyone willing to help write it with me. Anyone?

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  • Seth-218

    Dear Admins,

    I often visit other wikis, specifically Halopedia and the Dragon Ball wikis, and I have noticed that they have a quote of the week. Should we also have one? If yes, can I be in charge of creating the voting page? I would like to have a public poll to see what the Avatar Wikians think of this idea. Thanks for hearing my idea.

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  • Seth-218

    Hey guys, just wanted your personal opinions on my fanon, Avatar: End of the Line. Just a few requests before we get started.

    • Please, don't argue over other comments.
    • Seriously, don't be rude, use those manners yo momma pounded into you as a kid!
    • Give your honest opinion, or suggestions on what direction you want me to point it in.

    I hope you've all enjoyed reading it, me and my co-creator, Gir lover44, really care about your opinion. Thanks for reading, thanks for caring enough to leave comments.

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