Chapter 2: Jing- Se

All Seraphina could think about was the fire sages, How could they betray the royal family! The fire sages loyalty had been tested, Seraphina would make sure of it that they were severely punished when she returned to the fire nation in safety. But as the night wore on Seraphina grew weary, for she had been riding Apollo for hours on end. Trying to get as far away from the fire sages assassins as she could. Seraphina had now reached the out skirts of the fire nation when she finally decided to rest. Her and Apollo landed near the fire nation town of Jing- Se. Starving and tired Seraphina opened her bag seeing that she had forgotten food. “Oh great” “I forgot food!” “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!” “I must head to town Apollo I’ll be back with in a few hours”

The road to Jing-Se was twisted and scarred. It took a couple hours for Seraphina to reach it but she did. It didn’t take long for her to find the market. Even if she was blind she would have found it. The smell of food was so alluring and irresistible it basically pulled her to her destination. She past several stalls full of trinkets before she reached the right ones. The food part of the market was alive with the yells of vendors. People rushed back in forth to get what they needed. For a moment Sera's head was in a confused state. She took a deep breath and headed for the stall closest to her. It was full of preserved food which sadly, would be necessary for the trip. Sighing she stepped up and bought some. But before she left the vendor studied her intently. Quickly noticing this she hurried away with the food and looked around for something to eat for the moment. Her foot caught a rock and she stumbled a bit but caught herself on the side of a billboard. She looked up and froze. The world around her itself seemed to halt and all noise vanished. Right in front of her eyes was a wanted posted. And right on that wanted posted was her picture. She looked back at the creepy vendor from before and saw him pointed her out to a guard. Finding her strength she bolted, pushing people out of the way. She could hear shouts from behind but didn't listen well enough to hear them clearly. A couple times she heard the word stop but she dare not obey. Her feet carried her faster then ever before and she was soon out of the market. She could sense that she was far enough ahead to hide and she swung around the edge of a building into a dark, dim alley. Seraphina pressed herself up against the wall and went unnoticed as the guards an vendor past. She counted to twenty in her mind before letting out a breath, which she immediately regretted when she felt her wrist being grabbed and a soft voice in her ear.

“My, my what do I have here.” were the last words Sera heard before blacking out.

Gina awoke in the early hours of the morning. No one else had awakened yet and the sun had hardly even nicked the horizon. But this didn’t faze Gina. She got up, threw on some clothes and ran out the door. She kept running even when she reached the sea, where she froze the water and 'skated' across it. It wasn’t until she reached a iceberg that she stopped. She walked to the edge then looked into the water. Her fingers dipped down and she began to trace out an invisible figure. When she pulled her fingers away and waited for the water to clear she saw what she hoped she would. The figure of the water dragon Ephyra. Her wings were pressed against her smooth blue-silver body and her legs propelled her swiftly forward. She burst out of the water and spread her wings to keep her from falling back in. She came down slowly and landed on the iceberg with her front legs. Her tail was still mostly in the water along with some of her long body but she wasn't very tall. She looked at Gina in a friendly way and went to her. “Hello my friend avatar.” She greeted in Gina’s head.. “Hello Ephyra....” Gina mumbled. “What seems to be the trouble young one,.” Ephyra said. “Shui is dead...” Gina said biting her lip again. “Oh not fret. I assure you he is happy. And he will always be with you.” Ephyra purred. “I'm not some little kid. I know that he’s gone forever.” Gina snapped getting a little frustrated, “No one can stay with you forever! It’s impossible.” “Gina...” Ephyra started. “NO!” Gina interrupted, “I'm tired of people being so.....!” She didn’t finish but just walked to the end of the iceberg and Threw her arm up then down, making the water slice into the iceberg a little bit, “I want people to be realistic with me.....I'm tired of them giving me these pre-bending answers.” She wiped an oncoming tear away, “If I'm going to be the one too have all four elements within me I need to be more knowledgeable....I need to be realistic.” “ is good to have realism in oneself....but it is also good to have an open mind and imagination too. You must be a very balanced person. I already know you to be imaginative. And trust me it will help you greatly in years to come. You should be happy.” There was a pause and Gina looked down into the water then turned to Ephyra. “But I'm not realistic. I don’t think beyond the north pole. I need to know more....I need to.” “And you soon will. After a few another couple weeks you will-” Ephyra started. “I can’t stay here another couple weeks....cause then It will become another couple more need to leave sooner.” “Gina you can't just leave. You have no proper gear. And they're still searching for master earth benders for you, along with fire benders. But I know you've already cheated. I saw your air scroll the other day.” Ephyra said ending with a low chuckle. “You saw that?! But.....then why didn’t you tell?” Gina exclaimed. “Friends keep secrets.” “Thanks’s not like I'm getting much done though....” Gina mumbled. “Well show me you've got so far.” Ephyra said calmly. Gina took a stance. She breathed a moment then brought her arms around and put her palm out. A small tornado appeared on her hand but only for around 15 seconds before disappearing. “See.....I'm not very good...” Gina mumbled. “You'll improve. And once you have a master you'll be a great air bender.” “Thanks Ephyra....” Gina said sitting down, “Now I need to practice water bending though.”

Everything was twisting. There were no straight images appearing for Sera. She could hear the clamor of people in the other room but that was about it. Words were spoken but none of them clear enough to understand. Seraphina felt awful. Sitting up it took her a couple minutes to recuperate. Figures became clear and she could hear a few words. For awhile she just sat and tried to remember. And when she did she became frantic, she threw her feet over the side of the bed but got caught in a blanket and fell to the floor with a thud. The voices in the other room stopped and she heard footsteps running in. Right as the door opened she flung a whip of fire at them. The ground twisted and a rock appeared to block it. 'Earth benders....' sera thought getting up and making fire daggers. The rock fell to the ground and a tall boy about her age with shaggy brown hair and the most alluring green eyes she'd ever seen appeared. She moved her arms forward with the daggers at ready and sliced at him. He dodged and earth bended a wall up that grabbed on of her hands. She growled and brought her other over to have it caught too. Her mind was still fuzzy and her eyes blurred a few times. She knew she could easily defeat them but she couldn't focus. The boy came in front of her and stared into her eyes. “Stop! We're here to help.” He said calmly. It wasn’t the same voice as in the alley. It was cool and calming. Not soft and sultry. “Who are you?!” Seraphina demanded. “I....can’t tell you yet...” He said looking away. Sera took the opportunity. She flipped over and brought up a kick of fire towards him. He stumbled back and both rocks shattered. Sera jumped over to him and kicked him in the gut. He fell to his knees and she hit him on the head. He fell the rest of the way to the ground and she hurdled him and ran into the hallway. Ahead another boy, slightly shorter with black hair and brown eyes appeared. “STOP!” He yelled. Sera immediately recognized the voice from the alley. Anger and hate grew in her and she kicked him harder then the other, this time a ways lower then the gut. He immediately fell to the floor screaming in pain. Sera kicked him again in the same place because of her hate and kept running. That’s the way fire benders are aggressive and seeking revenge. She saw the door just ahead of her. But then a rock came up and blocked it from her. Two came under her and grabbed her feet and then two from the walls grabbed her hands. She looked up and saw an elderly man with a small girl in front of him. “Do not fear. We are here to help you.” He said. His voice was quiet and wise. “How should I know you're telling the truth?!” Sera yelled. “What would an old man with all he needs have anything to gain from harming the avatar.” Sera froze and every muscle in her tensed. “How do you know who I am?” “I’m one of Ryota’s oldest friends.” He said, “And me and my family are going to help you.”

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