• Seraphina3

    Chapter 2: Jing- Se

    All Seraphina could think about was the fire sages, How could they betray the royal family! The fire sages loyalty had been tested, Seraphina would make sure of it that they were severely punished when she returned to the fire nation in safety. But as the night wore on Seraphina grew weary, for she had been riding Apollo for hours on end. Trying to get as far away from the fire sages assassins as she could. Seraphina had now reached the out skirts of the fire nation when she finally decided to rest. Her and Apollo landed near the fire nation town of Jing- Se. Starving and tired Seraphina opened her bag seeing that she had forgotten food. “Oh great” “I forgot food!” “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!” “I must head to town Apollo …

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  • Seraphina3

    Book 1: Fire and Ice Chapter 1: 2 Avatars

    The Fire Sages stood in the circle. The brilliant light disappeared and they all looked up to the lead sage who had a grim look on his face.

    “This is bad....” one said, “this is very, very bad.”

    “Silence!” The leader said, “I know the solution.”

    “Tell us!” another said hastily.

    “There are two avatars now.” The leader said going over the information the solstice had shown, “One a fire bender, the other one water. The cycle is in chaos. It is because the previous avatar, Aang, confused it twice. First, because he was in the ice berg a hundred years in which he could have died of old age and the new avatar would have come, secondly because he was killed in the avatar state. Which if not for the spirit…

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