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  • I live in the north-eastern periphery of a country which was an Empire until the year 2671 a.u.c., and now is a small Republic in the heart of a continent which geographically is a penninsula of Asia
  • My occupation is trying to spread the use of our standartisator and scalator, the metric system.
  • I am a rather eloquent and educated moose/elk
  • Sep0815

    Naturally, the Avatarverse is mostly Asian, with some Pre-Columbian influences as well, and since LoK's premiere, we also see certain Western (modern European + US) influences, ranging from clothing to technology. However, that's not what I will attend to.

    What it is I will attend to is something the potential existence of which I realised as I read about Norse mythology just after Book II's end: a connection between the Spirit World - as it was revealed to be in LoK - and the aforementioned Norse mythology. Before you start discarding the idea as rubbish, please let me explain:

    First of all, potential parallels in the area of cosmology:
    The Earth could be compared to Midgard, the world of humans in Norse mythology, which lays in creation's …

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