• Se7ensins

    Hey guys and gals!!!

    I want to compare my fanart to others because my sister says is looks horrible (actually she says worst).

    I want to show her what other people can draw

    P.S.: I can promise it was not traced

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  • Se7ensins

    I have this one question I want to ask. Answer like you really mean it.

    Things to pretend happened:

    • Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were going to make a season 3 and 4
    • on December 8, 2012 season 3 just finished airing
    • on December 15, 2012 season 4 will start airing
    • the world will end on December 21, 2012

    Answer like the world is really going to end. You wanted people to solve the prolem with these answers you give.

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  • Se7ensins

    TITLE: Turning the Tide

    # in season: 10
    # in series: 10

    DIRECTED BY: Joaquim Dos Santos & Ki Hyun Ryu

    WRITTEN BY: Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko

    AIR DATE: June 16, 2012

    U.S VIEWERS: 3,540,000

    After recovering from her abduction, Korra tells her story, later Asami asked Mako about his feelings for Korra because of what sh heard from Bolin, and Tenzin asks Lin to protect his family while he attends the morning's council meeting. Tenzin is attacked at City Hall and learns that the other council members have been captured by Equalists. Amon's Zeppelins are bombing Republic City as Tenzin reaches police headquarters, where he wires the United Forces for help. Forced to evacuate headquarters, Equalist mecha-tanks attack and capture Ch…

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  • Se7ensins

    Answer these questions truthfully about the characters in Legend of Korra:

    1. Which character has the best personality?
    2. Which character has the best looks?
    3. Which character has the best name?
    4. Which character has the best abilities?
    5. Which character has the best voice actor?
    6. Which character has the best life style?
    7. Which character has the most interesting background life (from what the story tells)?
    8. Which characters are the best couple?
    9. Which character has the best eyes ?
    10. Which character has the best character in general?
    11. Which character is the most athletic?
    12. Which chacter has the best smile?
    13. Which character has the best hair?
    14. Which character is the most unpredictable?
    15. Which character is the most gulliable?
    16. Which characters are the most best friends?
    17. Which chara…
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