This page is merely speculation, please do not assume anything here is conan.

If you are looking for my fanon about the topic, go here: User:ScholarOfTheDesert/Fanon:The_Air_nomads

Please post theories on why there are no air nomads on this blog.

Here are my thoeries:

  • The air nomads used o be like the fire nation: both types of peoples. However, The people inside the air nomad society that could not bend became mistreated, such as modern day lower classes, and benders became the upper classes. This lead to a civil war in which the non benders were exiled/exterminated by the benders, thus resulting in an exclusively bender society.

NOTE about this theory: The fact that bending skills are gene related means that there would be people all around the world who have the airbending gene... It would take only 2 to meet for Aang's descended family having some new neighbors ;)

NOTE about both theories: impossible if genetics is the only factor. see Piandao and Katara

  • The non benders, once more, were lower class, but in this theory, instead of war, benders started refusing to breed with nonbenders (as it would be a low likelyhood that the offspring would be benders.)Eventually leading to the extinction of Air Nomad non-benders.

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