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    This world..a world of despair

    a world of cruelty

    a world of greed

    This world... a world of happiness

    a world of compassion

    a world of selflessness

    This world...a world of death

    a world of war

    a world of violence

    This world...a world of life

    a world of peace

    a world of unity

    This world is a complex world,

    filled with unspeakable horrors,

    yet also with uncorruptible kindness

    This world is a scale

    Yet there is more than one weight

    Black and white, this world is not,

    Grey, red, green, blue

    No one is the same

    This world is the battle between the eternal death,

    and the experiment of life

    Every person makes a difference, tugs at the scales,

    Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, George Washington, Attila the Hun.

    Everyone affects the scales.

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  • ScholarOfTheDesert

    I was wondering if anyone would like to be an editor for my story...

    Here's my planned intro:

    The 100th anniversary

    It is midnight. The pieces have come together, and the celebration has commenced! With fireworks, waterslides, skydiving, and one groundbreaking discovery released to the public, it promised to be a day like no other! An hour later, the guests began to arrive.

    The announcer stepped forward, and said, “Welcome! Welcome! To the hundredth anniversary of the war’s end!”

    The crowd screamed in joy and excitement. As one man thought, ‘Every time this announcer comes, it’s one surprise after another! I can’t wait to see what he does next!

    The announcer signaled the men in the back of the stage with a simple hand gesture, and they, being fi…

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  • ScholarOfTheDesert

    delete this blog please.

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  • ScholarOfTheDesert

    My editing

    July 6, 2012 by ScholarOfTheDesert

    How do i have such a high edit #?

    Because i suck at getting things right the first time....

    Any suggestions on how to help me not have to edit my posts just to be understood?

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  • ScholarOfTheDesert

    This page is merely speculation, please do not assume anything here is conan.

    If you are looking for my fanon about the topic, go here: User:ScholarOfTheDesert/Fanon:The_Air_nomads

    Please post theories on why there are no air nomads on this blog.

    Here are my thoeries:

    • The air nomads used o be like the fire nation: both types of peoples. However, The people inside the air nomad society that could not bend became mistreated, such as modern day lower classes, and benders became the upper classes. This lead to a civil war in which the non benders were exiled/exterminated by the benders, thus resulting in an exclusively bender society.

    NOTE about this theory: The fact that bending skills are gene related means that there would be people all around t…

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