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  • Savvy1214

    So our little dudes Bryke decided to murder our feels in the most excruciatingly painful way. My analysis on the ships they (and the psycho fans, and not the good kind) have set sail:


    Korra and Mako; Makkora: The one that we know is going to happen, but with the chance that it will not. Similar to Aang and Katara; Kataang, but more bittersweet. Not trying to be biased, but this one isn't really... the best pairing. Being biased: Fuck Mako. I mean yeah, I like him as a character, and there's no problem with him liking Asami, but the way he treats Korra isn't really... kosher. To me. That was an opinion, so don't be offended. Plus, he was going to break off his friendship because she was fulfilling her Avatar duty.

    Korra and Bolin; Borra…

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  • Savvy1214

    Is Amon Fooling Us?

    May 21, 2012 by Savvy1214

    So... This really depends on age... so this is a rough theory. But...

    So if you notice, everyone that died because of a bender died of FIRE bending. So what if Amon is a firebender (which could explain his superior agility, much like Mako's 'Cool Under Fire' technique) who kills people JUST SO that their loved ones may hate benders? To help him? He could be pretty old (doesn't mean that he's not a bamf. Look at Tenzin. You saw how he fought in Ep. 7) and killed Bolin and Mako's parents as a young man, later taking Asami's mother.

    There are several things wrong with this theory, but there are also arguements.

    1) Why would he hate benders so much if he's one himself? Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he just wants to start a war out of his own problems t…

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  • Savvy1214

    Pure Spirit?

    May 1, 2012 by Savvy1214

    The Lion Turtle told Aang that his spirit had to be pure, completely and utterly pure, in order to take away (hot) Ozai's bending, so how is Amon doing it? A few things I must point out:

    1) When Aang took Ozai's bending, there was light coming from all openings in the body (well, at least in the face openings) but when Amon does it, the bending simply flickers out into nothingness (like in the episode. There was powerful lightning that flickered into a lesser power, then into fire, then a small flame then... nothing.) So what's up with that?

    2) Aang touched Ozai's chest and forehead. Amon touches the victim's neck and forhead. Which, would be assumed to be chi blocking, but it doesn't come back. (not that we've seen)

    3) Perhaps Amon isn't tak…

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  • Savvy1214

    Epic Mind Fudge.

    May 1, 2012 by Savvy1214

    What if the world we live in now is the avatar world, but Korra couldn't defeat Amon, and now we're all here ._.

    All of us non benders... Oh, God, Amon, what have you done!?

    Would that make Europe the fire nation...? I mean you saw what they did...

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