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What do you guys think about a Pen&Paper in the Avatar universe?

Sarailus December 25, 2015 User blog:Sarailus

Hello there! ^.^

Well yes, I started working in a system for a Pen and paper in the Avatar universe for my friends.

I searched for a system in the internet and found similar things, but nothing satisfying. So I used our own system and modified it with a bender skilltree, a jing-system and a chakra-system.

Now I'm working on the story, wich is based about 20 years after Korras dead with a bit (a really bit) post-apocalyptic setting.

What do you think? Sounds this interesting? Or do you know an allready existing other good P&P-system for Avatar?

Well, I'm really, really sorry for my English, but since I saw, how much people are chatting in this wiki and how much people are activ in the German Avatar Wiki I decided to write my plans also in this wiki.

Thanks for reading ^.^

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