Hello Saphira1001 here. I was thinking why not set up a blog where people can put what they think is the missing information for the families of Team Avatar in the Legend of Korra. The idea is to give an answer in the comments section for who Bei Fongs father is, what her real name is, the genders of Tenzins older siblings, their names, and if anyone else, from Team Avatar, had kids. If you already know the answer from leaks PLEASE don't say "it's blah blah blah, I know because of a leak." You can just put what you know pretending its speculation or don't answer at all.

Example is

I think Bei Fongs father is Sokka, her name is Yue, I think Tenzin has a brother and sister named Kya and Gyatso, and that Mai and Zuko had a daughter who is a Firebender.

--Saphira1001 (wallcontribs) 21:41, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

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