Once again, surfing the internet's Avatar fan sites has got me thinking, specifically this article: [1]

Should the indications prove correct, it turns out Nickelodeon already have a release date set for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, but seem unwilling to share it with fans until it would be on our doorstep anyway.

I appreciate the fact that some marketing strategy may include starving fans enough to blow up the hype at the crucial moment. Something similar was done in Avatar's finale with the only advertising being the lackluster 'countdown to the comet'. That being said, I have to agree with many that, at this point, it's getting rather ridiculous. Nick have made some fans go through the bother of going through the experience of watching the film again (and please, here I implore you to reserve your judgements on the film to other blog posts) hoping for Book 2 news. (I know that the entire series was available for a limited time on Nick as well, but how many people knew that? Was it really advertised?) The commercial breaks were the perfect opportunity to attract both old fans looking for information and new fans who liked the film to the brilliant animated series, and they didn't even try to capitalise on it.

I've personally come to think that the Avatar franchise, much like its fans, has outgrown Nick for a long time. This may have left Nick unable to prioritise well and give the series the attention it deserves. (As a side note, I don't know how many online petitions have been calling for the beautiful Avatar music to be released, which the Track Team was aware and in favour of, while a Victorious soundtrack gets an immediate release.) The reality is that Avatar and Korra are such good quality series that most of their fans are not Nick channel - read Spongebob or what have you - viewers, but Avatar viewers exclusively. They, including (I assume) the online fandom, won't be casually watching the channel and catch the first Korra commercial that comes out a week before the actual air-date. Since Nick seems to be assuming otherwise, their lack of advertising can only backfire and lead to frustration among the existing fandom.

I know no amount of ranting will get the message through to whoever's in charge of these things at Nick, but as a passionate fan of intelligent quality entertainment (which seems so lacking these days), it continues to irk me to see things like this. As the article I cited above summed up well, I feel it is still worth noting:

"But if you look at the big picture, none of this really matters for us. All of us will see the trailer whenever Nickelodeon decides to air it and all of us will know the release date even if we don’t watch Nickelodeon. What’s problematic is that Nickelodeon’s marketing plan for Book 2 is beyond awful. It’s a stretch to even say Nickelodeon has a marketing plan for Book 2 at all. I’m sure they do, but it definitely hasn't been implemented yet.

My hope is that Nickelodeon doesn't wait until March to start advertising Book 2, because it’ll only hurt them in the end."

What do you think of Nick's marketing strategy (or the lack of it)? Could the secrecy perhaps be in anticipation of news coming up soon? With a continued squandering of advertising opportunities, do you think Korra could still attract new viewers in future? Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below.

Edit: In the wake of recent news regarding other great series such as Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series (continuing a long trend of cancellation of good shows [2]) and Tron: Uprising, I'm going to have to say that, despite everything, at least we have four Books confirmed. I'll give Nick that; seeing the fate of Korra's peers makes me much more thankful for the network's attitude towards not going that far, at least.

Edit: Nick have done it yet again. As I'm sure some of you may know, Nick hold an annual 'Nickelodeon Upfront' event to communicate the network's line-up for advertisers. While it is not held for fans, last year the Legend of Korra release date was published there first, and if the series is to be promoted while it airs this year, advertisers need to be informed now. Moreover, with its second Book in a similar stage of production this year as the first was last year - and it actually being mentioned in the official press releases [3] (actual proof something was coming this time) - many hoped for an actual announcement during the event. But, lo and behold, the only information given is that Book 2 is coming. As if we didn't know that already!

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