First of all, it's just great to finally be able to talk about and discuss The Legend of Korra Book 2!

So, onto my main point. Perhaps some of you may remember my review of The Promise [1]. In the review, I mentioned the plot point of Aang taking on the role of guardian of his people's culture:

While on the issue of inter-cultural relations, it was also interesting to see Yang tackling the issue of cultural appropriation within the framework of the Avatar world. The fan club is shown to be well-meaning and genuinely interested in Air Nomad culture, but their enthusiasm as fans gets the better of them and they offend Aang with their lack of understanding. I also like the fact that the issue makes Aang reflect on his role as the last Airbender. He takes on the responsibility of guardian of his people’s culture and takes it upon himself to ensure it survives by founding the Air Acolytes through the fan club.

Now, in this week's episode of Korra - Civil Was, Part 1 - the 'vacation Tenzin' plot focused on the relationship between Aang's children and between them and their father. We learn that Aang, in his role as the last Airbender, somewhat neglected Bumi and Kya once Tenzin, a fellow Airbender, was born. This seems to stem from Aang's realisation that as the last of the Air Nomads, it was his responsibility that his Airbender son be given priority in passing on his and his people's legacy. It's too bad that this came at the cost of being a good father to Kya and Bumi, but Aang has indeed shown himself to be flawed before.

I'm not saying that Mike and Bryan intentionally picked up this plot thread from The Promise specifically; it is indeed a logical route to take to have Aang's children affected by his responsibilities. It just happens that the first time these responsibilities were brought up and discussed within canon was in The Promise.

Nonetheless it is still interesting to see the synergy between the graphic novels and the show increasing, even if not systematically.

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