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July 15, 2008
  • Samoth

    First of all, it's just great to finally be able to talk about and discuss The Legend of Korra Book 2!

    So, onto my main point. Perhaps some of you may remember my review of The Promise [1]. In the review, I mentioned the plot point of Aang taking on the role of guardian of his people's culture:

    While on the issue of inter-cultural relations, it was also interesting to see Yang tackling the issue of cultural appropriation within the framework of the Avatar world. The fan club is shown to be well-meaning and genuinely interested in Air Nomad culture, but their enthusiasm as fans gets the better of them and they offend Aang with their lack of understanding. I also like the fact that the issue makes Aang reflect on his role as the last Airbender. He…

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  • Samoth

    Lessons from MatsuriCon

    April 1, 2013 by Samoth

    We all saw the news that we had a mid-April release date for Korra tweeted by Janet Varney, we all got hyped, and we all got disappointed once again. MatsuriCon passed by without any information on Book 2 and Varney claimed the reported release date boiled down to a misunderstanding after all. This all got me thinking about the Book 2 situation once again, and here I am writing a sequel to what was basically my rant on Nickelodeon's handling of the franchise (here: [1]).

    Analysing the new ordeal the fandom had to go through, I came to realise that I may have been hasty in my previous rant and that Book 2 is simply not finalised enough to warrant a definite release date at this point in time. The real problem of our continued let-downs is with…

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  • Samoth

    An event called Momocon was held a few days ago, with Steve Blum (voice of Amon), Sifu Kisu (martial arts master), and Sifu Rodriguez (consultant for Toph) being present for a question and answer session. [1]

    Fans got a chance to have their questions asked, and two very interesting tid-bits of information were revealed. Firstl of all, we will be seeing a sub-style of Airbending. Sifu Kisu also said he knew who Lin Beifong's father is but has to keep mum. Hopefully this means we could be finding out soon enough.

    While neither anything really ground-breaking nor confirmed for the upcoming Book 2, these little bits of information definitely get me a wee bit more excited for more Korra!

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  • Samoth

    I just got my copy of the library edition of Gene Luen Yang’s The Promise and thought I’d share my review with you. Please note that this is my opinion, so I’m neither expecting everyone to agree with me, nor do I necessarily want them to. Be warned that this is a spoiler-filled review, and I will speak of plot developments freely as if you've already read them. Read at your own risk if you want to avoid spoilers!


    First of all, the story in a nutshell: Following the end of the original avatar series, our heroes celebrate their victory over Ozai and the end of the war. A Harmony Restoration Movement (HRM) is established for balance to be restored in the world by removing Fire Nation colonials from former colonies. Zuko makes Aang promise t…

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  • Samoth

    Here's some great bit of news! Turns out Nick, luckily, haven't forgotten Korra completely, and have announced the release date of the Book 1 DVD and an art book:

    The release date for the Book 1 DVD is 21st May 2013 on Amazon, and is currently priced at $15.99. With no official word from Nickelodeon so far, though, the date should be seen as tentative at best for now.

    The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series (Book One: Air) will be released on the 24th July this year and is priced at $34.99. The art book of Avatar: The Last Airbender offer…

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