Hi, Rynze here.

I joined a couple minutes ago, and I'm glad to be part of the community. :)

I hope to fit right in, and get started with my editing. So, since I'm new to wiki, please help me out. I looked at other people's pages, namely Dcasawang1, to get my profile, but I don't know all that coding, and stuff.

So please help me along!

I hope to make my first fanon soon, consisting of 7 or more chapters. Yes, short, but the chapters will be long. Real long. I named it, Avatar: The Lost Tales.

If it is unoriginal, please tell me. :)

I'll come up with something else.

I have seen some people do these cool signature thingeys. How do you do that?

So, I'm new, please help me along. Thank you so much, Avatar Wiki, for reading this.

In all sincerity, Rynze (talkcontribs)

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