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Can't wait for The Search!

Hey, It's Rusher4lifee13SUKI (Annalise) here! Okay, I would like to talk about the comic books. I am planning on getting the 'The Promise' trilogy books. They seem super cool. I've been wanting them for a while now but I still havent gotten around to actually BUYING them, lol. If you guys don't already know, they are coming out with a new comic book trilogy called 'The Seach'. It's based around the fact that Zuko's mom went missing.. well got banished. The gang are out on a search for Ursa (Zuko's mom) with the help of a very special edition to the group, Azula. I did put up some leaked pictures so keep an eye out for those. There are about 8 pictures I posted. If anyone has any other details on the new comics, let me know. You can also pre-order 'The Search' on amazon, which I'm planning to do once I read 'The Promise' lol. Part 1 of these books will officially be out on April 2, 2013. I also heard some things about a book based around Mai....? I don't know if they are just rumors or not but I saw a cover and some people were talking about it. I will do some more research and I'll let you guys know :) Thank you! <3

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