aka Annalise

  • I live in Anubis
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Fangirl
  • I am Girly-girl
  • Rusher4lifee13SUKI

    Hello everyone! It's me Rusher4lifee13SUKI here and I have been thinking. Since the next season of The Legend of Korra will be called Spirits... do you think we will see Yue sometime in the season? It's just a little guess, lol. I'm not sure if anyone else has said anything on this topic so I just decided to put one up myself, haha. This is not much but I wanna hear your thoughts on this! Thank you all, happy typing

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  • Rusher4lifee13SUKI

          The Legend of Korra is coming back on April 4th and it feels like forever! The new season is called 'Spirits' as you guys know, and I CANNOT be more excited xD. I saw everything I possibly could on season 2 including the SDCC (San Diego ComicCon). Alot of people like to do fan-fiction. If you guys could put together one episode, what would it be about? And what do you guys hope for in season 2? Do you guys expect anything specific? Tell me everything! I really want to hear it :)


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  • Rusher4lifee13SUKI

    Hey, It's Rusher4lifee13SUKI (Annalise) here! Okay, I would like to talk about the comic books. I am planning on getting the 'The Promise' trilogy books. They seem super cool. I've been wanting them for a while now but I still havent gotten around to actually BUYING them, lol. If you guys don't already know, they are coming out with a new comic book trilogy called 'The Seach'. It's based around the fact that Zuko's mom went missing.. well got banished. The gang are out on a search for Ursa (Zuko's mom) with the help of a very special edition to the group, Azula. I did put up some leaked pictures so keep an eye out for those. There are about 8 pictures I posted. If anyone has any other details on the new comics, let me know. You can also pr…

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