For my first blog post on Avatar Wiki I thought that I would review/summarize one of my personal favorites, The Headband.

The episode starts with pan image of the Fire Nation Capital, before zooming in on a restless Prince Zuko. Even drowsy cough syrup couldn't sedate the young royal, so he arises and makes his way to a large jail encrusted in a nearby volcano. However, he can not bring himself to enter it and is scared off by a guard who looks suspiciously like most other Fire Nation guards.

The scene switches to a cloud blowing above the ocean of the Fire Nation, bringing to one's mind Mario or rogue meteorologists. But wait, it is a talking cloud, and soon reveals itself to be the Gaang. Sokka whines, Toph mocks, and the team settles in a lovely cave with an ocean view. To solve the issue of standing out amongst the commoners, they quickly make haste to a suburban island and procede to steal some new threads. Katara, dons an outfit that would make peanut butter jelly and the team heads to the market. While there Aang embarrasses himself and is quickly arrested by the truancy officers.

Taken to a school, Aang tries to make light of having a teacher reminscent of your aunt's second grade teacher's aunt and quickly makes friends with the popular crowd. Switch scene to the jail again; Zuko is able to make it through the door this time and coerces the aforementioned gaurd to keep quiet of the visit. The jail cell is that of Iroh, who refuses to talk to Zuko, on the grounds that he brought no house-warming gifts.

Back in the cave, the team refuses to let him return to the school. However Aang quickly distracts them with a cry of "Flame-o Hotman" and runs off. In the jail, Zuko berates Iroh, calling him a fool for not joining him and Azula. Even a display of anger won't make Iroh talk and Zuko storms out angrily. This scene stars a sullen Uncle who you can't help but feel compassion for.

Meanwhile, at school, Aang almost gives himself away and dances while playing the Tsungi Horn. "How dare he" quotes the tiny-faced music instructor. In the school-yard he attracts the attention of the beautiful On Je, which in turn attracts Hide, who refuses to let Aang show his girlfriend any movements. A battle ensues, although Aang is able to win by simply dodging his opponets thrusts, a very impressive feat. The headmaster soon comes and demands Aang bring his parents to discuss his punishment.

In a scene that can only be watched, not described, Wang-Fire and his wife Sapphire Leia Fire scold Aang for his disruptions and assure the Headmaster that the boy will be punished when he gets home. In the cave, Aang decrees he just wants to be a normal kid and proposes that they throw the children a secret dance party. Unfortunatly, Appa is not able to participate in the fancy-footwork.

The kids arrive only to stand around, and the epic song this episode is known for starts to play. Aang through the art of interpretive dance finally starts to see some movement in the children, and Katara finally notices him. Back in jail, Zuko finally brings his uncle a gift, but even chicken and a self-revelatory speech cannot break Iroh's silence. Zuko gets angry (what's new) and storms out, leaving Iroh to shed a single tear.

On Je and Aang dancing together both makes Katara jelous and lets the other kids loosen up and start getting down. However Katara doesn't miss out on the action for too long and is soon doing a probably Water-Tribe-influenced boogy with Aang. For the first time in a while, Katara shows her fun side and is soon "owning the night". Unfortunatly, the Headmaster soon joins them and sends his goons to chase Aang through the cave. The kids soon go all Children of the Corn on the adults, allowing the Gaang to escape.

Sokka is unable to take off the beard (thank god) and Team Avatar remininsce over what they have accomplished, ending with Katara giving Aang a well-deserved kiss. In the last scene, Zuko hires the Eye-Guy to take out the Avatar, and leave no loose-ends.
School clothes

This episode greatly contrasts the way Aang and Zuko go about their days in the Fire Nation. Aang, despite not being able to reveal himself, still manages to find a way to help people subjected by the Fire Nation. Zuko however, without Iroh to talk to, is being more and more taken in by the lies of Azula. The two characters are shown again intertwined in Book 3, Chapter 6 "The Avatar and the Fire Lord". For a pretty fast moving plot (for a filler), a fair amount of hilarity and a great dance scene, I rate this episode a 95/100. What about you? Runny5 (talkcontribs) 14:37, December 28, 2011 (UTC)

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