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October 9, 2011
  • Runny5

    For my first blog post on Avatar Wiki I thought that I would review/summarize one of my personal favorites, The Headband.

    The episode starts with pan image of the Fire Nation Capital, before zooming in on a restless Prince Zuko. Even drowsy cough syrup couldn't sedate the young royal, so he arises and makes his way to a large jail encrusted in a nearby volcano. However, he can not bring himself to enter it and is scared off by a guard who looks suspiciously like most other Fire Nation guards.

    The scene switches to a cloud blowing above the ocean of the Fire Nation, bringing to one's mind Mario or rogue meteorologists. But wait, it is a talking cloud, and soon reveals itself to be the Gaang. Sokka whines, Toph mocks, and the team settles in a l…

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