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  • Ruen

    Where did "Zutara" come from?

    September 26, 2012 by Ruen

    So I recently found an interview conducted with the creators of A:TLA, Bryan and Mike. In said interview a question arose on the topic of “Zutara” wherein the creators both stated there was never any intention of putting the two together and “Kataang” was always the preferred idea.

    This begs the question, where exactly does this idea of Zuko and Katara getting together come from? Since often the creators are stated as being the original source of the idea. This interview flips that around and makes it false. Other than that, specific scenes within the series are often said to hint “Zutara” and yet after rewatching A:TLA many... many times over, no matter how hard I try to see something happening that even hints them having some sort of spark, …

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  • Ruen

    So after many re-watches of LoK (I'd rather not reveal how much, as A:TLA more than triples it >.

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