Hey guys I am like the biggest shipper of TOKKA ever!!!!!!!

And I just wanted to say a little something. I know that lots of people write blogs about this but I feel as if they forget to add key points, most likely because the blogs were written before the comics and LOK. So no offence intended.

1.) It is obvious that Sokka and Toph are close friends.

2.) In multiple episodes such as The Serpents Pass and Sokka's Master it is obvious that Toph has a crush on Sokka.

3.) Unlike many others I think that Toph still has a crush on Sokka throughout the entirety of the show. Even though she doesn't show it as much.

4.) In the last episodes I notice that even though he didn't need to hold Tophs hand until they were outside of the airship he still was very protective over her. I see how this could be interpreted as brotherly, but being a tokka shipper I think its sweet how he goes to extremes to protect her. 

5.) In the comics he leaves the others to help Toph he also complains when Toph isn't with them in the comics.

6.) Even though Sokka shows love for Suki he also is very involved with Toph, and they work together well, and argue like an old married couple. 

7.) In the flashbacks in LOK when Sokka is being bloodbent he looks at Toph first sorry I notice things like this. 

8.) Also when the creators talked about the shipping they gave some clues that they like Tokka!!!!!!!!!

I would be devastated if Tokka doesn't happen I mean LIn looks so much like Sokka and acts like him. I shall now go and read fanfictions and look at fan art. Also that whole Tenlin messing Tokka up is stupid there are so many loopholes. 

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