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    March 28, 2013 by Rueflower

    Hey guys I am like the biggest shipper of TOKKA ever!!!!!!!

    And I just wanted to say a little something. I know that lots of people write blogs about this but I feel as if they forget to add key points, most likely because the blogs were written before the comics and LOK. So no offence intended.

    1.) It is obvious that Sokka and Toph are close friends.

    2.) In multiple episodes such as The Serpents Pass and Sokka's Master it is obvious that Toph has a crush on Sokka.

    3.) Unlike many others I think that Toph still has a crush on Sokka throughout the entirety of the show. Even though she doesn't show it as much.

    4.) In the last episodes I notice that even though he didn't need to hold Tophs hand until they were outside of the airship he still was v…

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