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Did Mako just...kill Ming-Hua?

Robogost August 22, 2014 User blog:Robogost

Watching the episode (my mind was blown! Not as much as Pi'li though lol) but after watching it, being the nerd I am I check the wiki to see if I missed anything. I checked Ming-Hua's page and I see that it says mako killed her with his electricity. I assumed she died when Ghazan killed himself, because she was in the same room with him just underground where lava could have easily slipped down through the cracks. I thought she was just knocked out when Mako beat her. Also I'm quite surprised that Zaheer didn't die. Unulaq died, as did amon, and Vaatu was vanquished. Perhaps they wanted to mix it up. Anyways the episode was just AMAZING like every episode. The guys who make the show know how to do everything just right. I mean I dropped my jaw atleast 5 times, and the action was amazing and the animation was beautiful. I fear for the show though I hear ratings went down (still not sure why it was taken off the air, I know they said they make more money online but still) and I'd be in tears if the show ended prematurely.

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