Ok first i must say that i am a big fan of avatar and i liked the movie and thought that it was good. There were some shaky parts that needed improvement, but they're easily improvable. Seriously, people need to calm down. That was M. Night's first movie that was based on a children's cartoon, of course it'll be a little strange and shaky at first, but in time, I have a big feeling things will get better. so what if they changed some things the movie is not suppose to be an exact copy of the show its an adaptation. and so what if they cut cut sokka's comedy. the entire season 1 was 10 hours long and the movie was less than 2 hours so of course things were going to get cut out so that they could put things in the movie that has to do with the plot. Sure, a lot got left out, but anyone who was expecting a carbon copy of the cartoon is being idiotic, because it would never be possible, no matter who directed. if anyone says it failed to do justice to the original show. they are either lying or saw a completly different movie than i did. yes of course there are changes to the movie but when it come to the main events and major plot points their all there in some form or another. i would go as far to say that 75% of the movie is supported by events that occured in the show. Shyamalan didn’t destroy anything; the critics and the cartoon purists were the ones who helped destroy the franchise. It was obvious that the critics were out to get him; the movie was very entertaining. Many of the TV fans have been ridiculously critical. They curse and insult the new movie fans, and they complain about everything.

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