Hello, friend.

So I think by now many of us have seen "The Revelation," and it appears that there's been some discussion over Amon's powers. In short, he claims to be able to permanently remove bending, and quickly backs it up with a demonstration on three individuals.

So, how can this be? Is it Energybending, learned from a lion turtle? High-leveled Chi blocking?

Arguments for Energybending: Amon makes contact with the victim's forehead; the victim's behavior appears trance-like or paralyzed; the victim seems exhausted or worn down afterwards; Amon claims to have learned this technique from a spirit; if Bolin was intended to be a victim, it must not have been faked.

Arguments against Energybending: Amon only touches the head, whereas Aang and the Lion Turtle touched the heart as well; Amon is a leader of Chi-blockers, and a great deal of Chi passes through the head (two chakras are located there); Amon could not have been chosen by the spirits to destroy bending - they would have consulted the Avatar directly; Energybending was an ordeal for even an Avatar - it's unlikely that a non-bender could perform it so quickly and easily; Bolin could have been bribed to fake it (he was in a great need of yuans).

If you have any arguments or other theories, don't hesitate to let me know!


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