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    From a recent interview with Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, they revealed about some of the background infomation about The Legend of Korra including:

    • Avatar Wan came out of an idea originally planned for Avatar: The Last Airbender that was never used.
    • New types of bending are usually extensions of the four elemental bending arts as Metal Bending came out of Earth Bending. (same is true for Sand bending along with Blood bending from Water Bending)
    • The climatic fight between giant cosmic Korra and Unalaq as the Dark Avatar mirrored scenes from "The Clash of the Titans", "Godzilla", and "Pacific Rim".
    • Eastern philosophy is the inspiration of Book Three being called "Change" as the anicent chinese philosopher Lao-tzu is quoted as once say‚Ķ
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