Good afternoon, viewers, this week's broadcast will consist of an interview with the man behind the movement, an Equalist of the ages, our illustrious leader, Amon! With each episode, we'll ask him a series of questions, learning more about who this man really is.

"INTERVIEWER: Welcome Amon, we're all grateful you took time out of your busy schedule and agreed to have this interview. Please, take a seat.

AMON: I will, thank you. *pause* I'm always glad to let the Equalists get to know just who their leader is. I may have a mask, but I'm not shy.

INTERVIEWER: *chuckles* *clears throat* Alright, moving right along; first question. Let's take a look at your past; what is your story? How did this influence your decision to begin the anti-bending revolution?

AMON: Well, as some of you may know, I grew up as a poor farm boy with my parents. Ever since I could work, I worked; even through it all, we barely had enough to fill our stomachs every night. I began to realize my dad was absent in the mornings before I left for my classes. As I grew older, I discovered my family was being extorted by a firebender. Naturally, as a young inquisitive child, I confronted my parents; they said he was merely a "business manager", and left it at that. As time went on, however, he began to come to my home; I often heard shouting, and even objects falling, but mother always asked to ignore it. One night, a loud shout awoke me from my sleep, and I snuck out to the barn to see what was going on. The firebender had cornered my mother and father; my father was facing him down, telling him they no longer worked for him; and then...*pause* then, that cruel man struck my parents down. I uttered a cry of despair, and he noticed my presence. I can still picture the cold, yellow eyes, his crooked, deranged smile, and the flame dancing across his fingertips... he struck my face, and left, tossing a spark onto a pile of hay. His carelessness left me enough time and energy to escape with my life. As I studied and grew, I discovered all benders have been in this cruelty; starting wars, oppressing and extorting their non-bending brethren, and so on. This is what made me look for a way to stop this oppressive regime.

INTERVIEWER: As non-benders, we all know how terrible these benders can be, Amon. You've shown great strength in pulling through, despite this horrific event. Moving right along; what are the ideals you based the Equalist Revelation on?

AMON: Thank you for your sympathy. The Equalist movement can be defined in one simple but powerful word: Equality. Equality without giving benders power over those without their abilities. Equality in choosing leaders, in making decisions that affect all, equality in social status, in talent, in value; no man will be valued above another for simply having an ability chosen by the randomness of genetics.

INTERVIEWER: What a powerful message. You've shown great skill in how you lead us, Amon, and we are in debt to you for your unending motivation and tactfulness. For the ne-*click*."

Sorry for cutting it off early, folks, but we have to keep short and sweet, so our buddies in the law enforcement don't track us down. So- [Wai....what? They're here? But] *ahem* Sorry for the interruption, folks, but it appears that our location has been discovered, and the police are above us right now. We'll make sure to get you the rest of that interview as soon as we get a stable location to broadcast. This has been Revelation Radio, so tune in next time for the continuation of the insight into our founder's mind.

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