Revelation Radio

aka We Are The Equalists

  • I live in Republic City
  • My occupation is To take down the oppressive benders
  • Revelation Radio

    Good afternoon, viewers, this week's broadcast will consist of an interview with the man behind the movement, an Equalist of the ages, our illustrious leader, Amon! With each episode, we'll ask him a series of questions, learning more about who this man really is.

    "INTERVIEWER: Welcome Amon, we're all grateful you took time out of your busy schedule and agreed to have this interview. Please, take a seat.

    AMON: I will, thank you. *pause* I'm always glad to let the Equalists get to know just who their leader is. I may have a mask, but I'm not shy.

    INTERVIEWER: *chuckles* *clears throat* Alright, moving right along; first question. Let's take a look at your past; what is your story? How did this influence your decision to begin the anti-bending …

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