Welcome to the Bwog.

Yes, it's a word. You can find it in any of the latest editions of the Webster's Dictionary, I'm telling you! Don't believe, go see for yourself!

Go! Shoo! Look! Explore! Move! For heaven's sake, don't just do something, STAND THERE!

Honestly, kids these days. Am I right? Sheesh.

So, the bwog will be used to update and post information about my fanon, Union (first chapter here, main page here), as well as my other whimsies in the Avatar universe, including, but not limited to, musical pieces that I have composed that I think would be suitable themes for either my fanon characters or established charatcers in the canon series, different Avatar-y artwork that I have drawn, and possibly short stories or brief personal essays that I think you, as a high-brow citizen of the literature world, would like to read.

And, short as it is, that's it for today. I'm writing at 2 in the morning (that's early, folks . . . yolks . . . uh, tolks?), and - *assume Deep South (uneducated Deep South, that is) accent* - good heavens: the Sandman! My word if it ain't been a long time. Just puff those little thingmajiggers that ya have there - yeah, them bags full o' that sparkly stuff - and I'll conk out faster than ya could spell alleega-tor.

Catch you next time,


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