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    Warning: This script contains some language and very harshly aggressive words.

    Original posting of lyrics: [2]






    •• Aang: ••

    I've come fully dressed; even studied for a math test,

    To ensure that I'll secure my victory without contest!

    Defeating you will be more trivial than the Great Divide.

    Keep your alien–whatevers; the elements are on my side,

    And I've been trained in all four and mastered each one.

    You're a Ben of all trades, but a master of none;

    Mario trumps you hands–down when it comes to Plumbers,

    And Phineas and Ferb had a more eventful Summer…

    …Well, actually, so did I, but that's not what I really meant…

    …Hm, Let me just put it this way: You can go get bent!

    I'm nature …

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