• Redclayton

    'Sup fellow Avatards,

    Avatar: Soldiers of Earth is a fan project looking for contributors!

    Currently we are in need of FIVE VOICE ACTORS - three male and two female - for a pilot episode. If you are interested in taking part, go to the video leave a video reply of your audition piece (audio only is perfectly fine).

    Since I am baffled as to how to put a link past the circuitous security of this blog, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT AN AUDITION, THE LINK IS ON MY PROFILE PAGE.

    About the Narrative

    Set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, we follow a small contingent of soldiers - two Waterbenders and two Earthbenders - as they traverse the wastes and wonders of the war torn Earth Kingdom to reach the fortress of the infamous General Fong. Along…

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