What do you think will become of Aang's statue in LoK, if anything? It was pointed out that the Equalists may very well tamper with it, in which case, if they do, I will begin to truly hate them with every fiber of my being. Aang's statue already did play the part of the location in which Korra was ambushed by Amon, but I can't help but feel like there's more to Aang Memorial Island. The base of it is a museum. What if there's some kind of hidden passageway in there? The statue was made by the Fire Nation, so maybe there's something to it no one knows about. I had the random thought earlier that the statue would be, I dunno, posessed by the Avatar spirit. Then maybe it would go on a rampage and take out (not kill) Equalists. I would kinda like to see the statue's eyes and arrows glow. It would be both creepy, and amazing. Of course this is all very, very unlikely to happen. But wouldn't it be something?
Cosmic Avatar Spirit

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