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Who was a better Avatar...Aang or Korra?

Who was a better Avatar...Aang or Korra?


1: Aang lost his entire people to the Fire Nation and spent most of his life in an iceberg. This tragedy makes him a compassionate person.

2: Ended the 100 Year War.

3: Defeated Fire Lord Ozai.

4: Defeated the Dai Li (after the 100 Year War).

5: One of the Founders of Republic City.

6: When alive, was in a wonderful relationship with the world's greatest healer, Katara.

7: Did a good job trying to restore the airbending race by having a son, Tenzin, created Air Temple Island and increased Sky Bison population.

8: Defeated Republic City's crime lord, Yakone.

9: On his journey as the Avatar, Aang and his friends saved villages throughout the Earth Kingdom.

10: Aang later restores Korra's bending.


1: Korra lost her bending. This tragedy causes Korra to become a compassionate person. Very soon after, Aang restores her bending.

2: First person to ever tame a Polar Bear Dog.

3: Korra ended an Anti-Bending Revolution and defeats Amon.

4: Korra was an awesome pro-bender and entertained the people of Republic City.

5: Is a in wonderful relationship with a hot firebender, Mako.

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