The Beifong Family: Who is Lin Beifong's father?

We all know that Lin's mother is Toph Beifong (which is where she got her awesome earthbending abilities from).


1. Haru could be Lin's father. He is a strong earthbender and good looking. They seem to have alot in common though never interacted much.

2. Ohev could also (more likely could be) Lin's father. When Ohev and Toph meet they were immediately attracted to each other. He kissed her cheek and she gave him a heart shaped stone. Also, his parents were her parents servants. <3

3. Duke could also be Lin's father. Duke and Toph had a good laugh together.

Let me know what you guys think.

BTW...Usually children take the father's last name why did Lin take her mother's maiden name? Is it because Toph came from a noble family? Speaking of that, did Toph and her parents forgive each other?

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