If you could bend any element...which element would it be and why? THE AVATAR DOESN'T COUNT!!!!! Please leave comments, questions and conclusions. Thank you :-)
Bending emblems

The four bending elements of the Avatar World


Pros: Waterbending helps the waterbender learn how to swim. Waterbending helps waterbenders breathe longer underwater then non-waterbenders. A waterbender's bending becomes stronger during the night (especially during a full moon) and also during the winter then non-waterbenders. Waterbenders control the ocean waves and use the waves for transportation. Waterbenders can heal people. Waterbending symbolizes change.

Cons: If a waterbender is evil, then the waterbender can bloodbend. If the waterbender bloodbends, the waterbender can physcially control people and remove their bending forever. Bloodbending will make the waterbender insane (Amon is an example). Bloodbending is an illegal technique. Also, waterbenders can create tsunamis.


Pros: Earthbenders can use rocks to build a house. Earthbenders can shield themselves more easily then a non-earthbender (weither it is with crystals, rocks, or metal). Earthbenders feel vibrations that non-earthbenders are unable to feel (Toph and Lin Beifong are well known for that). If an earthbender can metalbend, the metalbender can escape an area that is surrounded by metal much more easily then a non-metalbender. An earthbender's bending becomes stronger during the spring then non-earthbenders. Earthbending symbolizes substance.

Cons: Earthbending will make you develop a tough personality. Earthbenders can create serious earthquakes.


Pros: If a firebender does the Dancing Dragon, then the firebender will see the most beautiful colors in their entire lifetime. A firebender's bending becomes much stronger during Sozin's Comet then any other bender in the world during that short period of time. Jet Propulsion is a good form of transportation. A firebender can use fire to keep themselves warm. A firebender's bending becomes stronger during the summer and in the morning then non-firebenders. In the Avatar Universe, the people have fireworks and powerplants because of firebenders. Firebending symbolizes power.

Cons: You could hurt (more like burn) yourself or somebody else (Fire Lord Zuko is sadly a good example). During a solar elcipse, firebenders are totally unable to firebend during this short period of time which would make them defenseless. If a firebender loses a goal or "inner drive" then their firebending will become much weaker. Firebending will usually make a firebender have a strict personality. Firebenders can make volcanoes explode.


Pros: Airbenders could do the air scooter for fun. Airbenders could use airbending to jump higher in the air then non-airbenders. Use a glider for transportation. Airbending helps airbenders become very calm. An airbender's bending becomes stronger during the fall then non-airbenders. Airbending symbolizes freedom.

Cons: Airbenders can create twisters and maybe even other storms. Airbenders make the loudest snores in the world (second being Sky Bisons).

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