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    1: Aang lost his entire people to the Fire Nation and spent most of his life in an iceberg. This tragedy makes him a compassionate person.

    2: Ended the 100 Year War.

    3: Defeated Fire Lord Ozai.

    4: Defeated the Dai Li (after the 100 Year War).

    5: One of the Founders of Republic City.

    6: When alive, was in a wonderful relationship with the world's greatest healer, Katara.

    7: Did a good job trying to restore the airbending race by having a son, Tenzin, created Air Temple Island and increased Sky Bison population.

    8: Defeated Republic City's crime lord, Yakone.

    9: On his journey as the Avatar, Aang and his friends saved villages throughout the Earth Kingdom.

    10: Aang later restores Korra's bending.


    1: Korra lost her be…

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    Pros: Waterbending helps the waterbender learn how to swim. Waterbending helps waterbenders breathe longer underwater then non-waterbenders. A waterbender's bending becomes stronger during the night (especially during a full moon) and also during the winter then non-waterbenders. Waterbenders control the ocean waves and use the waves for transportation. Waterbenders can heal people. Waterbending symbolizes change.

    Cons: If a waterbender is evil, then the waterbender can bloodbend. If the waterbender bloodbends, the waterbender can physcially control people and remove their bending forever. Bloodbending will make the waterbender insane (Amon is an example). Bloodbending is an illegal technique. Also, waterbenders can create ts…

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    At some point in the Avatar Universe there weren't any benders. The Avatar is the bridge from the Physcial World to the Spirit World. It is also the Avatar's duty to maintain peace and order to both worlds.The first benders learned the elements from the animals, spirits, and environment around them. The first waterbenders learned from the moon (Tu and La). The first earthbenders learned from the Badgermoles. The first firebenders learned from the dragons. The airbenders learned from the Sky Bisons. If Korra is the current Avatar, then Aang, then Roku, then Kyoshi, then Kuruk, then Yangchen, then some guy from the Fire Nation, then many more before him then who was the very first Avatar and what nation did he or she come from? I'm very curi…

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    We all know that Lin's mother is Toph Beifong (which is where she got her awesome earthbending abilities from).


    1. Haru could be Lin's father. He is a strong earthbender and good looking. They seem to have alot in common though never interacted much.

    2. Ohev could also (more likely could be) Lin's father. When Ohev and Toph meet they were immediately attracted to each other. He kissed her cheek and she gave him a heart shaped stone. Also, his parents were her parents servants.

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    Can Earthbenders bend the stars?

    I know Earthbenders can bend soil, rocks, sand, crystals, metal, etc. Stars are made out of can they bend the stars? I'm curious because just about everything and everybody is connected. :-)

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