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    Hello! I'm Readapost, and this a blog with the most unlikely, insane and never gonna happen(Last Airbender/Korra) theories. Maybe I should explain more in detail, most people have that really good theories are often shot down for more of less the same reasons. My theories are no better, and that doesn't stop me so here are mine.

    (Before reading remember these contain major spoilers for both Last Airbender and Korra.)

    When Monk Gyatso was defeated, he used the highest level of Airbending at the cost of his own life.

    Reason: I know there were other Firebenders and their Skeletons surrounded Gyatso's could this high level of airbending be the thirty-six tier? So powerful it even means endgame for the user?

    Reason this is a more then an unlikely t…

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