Ok as you know we just got a preview of the season finale of The Legend of Korra. It looks like the Equalists have somehow taken control of Republic City and will be making plans to wipe out the bending populations. We also get a preview of the battle between Amon and Korra. In that battle Amon is seen taking Korras bending away. However I have a theory that becasue Korra is the Avatar somehow she can't have her bending taken away due to maybe her Avatar spirit which may somehow give her some sort of immunity to Amon's energybending an advantage that other people don't have since they don't have the Avatar spirit within them. Another possibility is that Korra is about to have her bending taken away, but the Avatar State is triggered saving her. Also as far as defeating Amon I think that Korra will defeat him in the Avatar State since there doesn't really seem to be any conventional bending or non bending means of defeating him. What are your theories? Please leave comments below!

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