Everyone editing on Avatar Wiki tonight will have noticed that a lot of problems have been occuring when loading pages, editing, saving, bugs in the Rich Text Editor, I myself couldn't upload an image. A lot of things. Anyway, I have received word from Wikia, and just wanted to reassure you that everything is okay. :)

"Wikia is upgrading to MediaWiki 1.16.4, and they must have made a mistake somewhere. Nothing you can do about it, best to just wait it out." - Community Central

I reccomend to refrain from making large, substantial edits to pages, as they may be lost, and just wait it out. The bugs started just over an hour ago, and there is no way of telling for how much longer they will continue, but they seem to be stabilizing. Please be patient as Wikia works on the various problems, and have a nice night. :)

UPDATE: It appears Wikia has been using MediaWiki 1.16.4 for some time, so whether Wikia is using upgrading as an excuse, or whether they have made a mistake in the version number is unknown. I will continue to investigate.

UPDATE: MediaWiki 1.16.5 was released today, so the notice of upgrade was just a typo or error.

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