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To start off, I'd like to say sorry about the amount of time it has taken me to get this done, I've been thinking about how I am going to approach this, and I believe this is the way to do it...

As you will well know, there are quite a few flaws in the fanon portal, from policy to general standards, it's starting to get ridiculous. So to start the ball rolling, I will be using this blog as an update on how the behind the scene improvement is going, and what you guys can all do to help.

Update One: Fanon Advertising system Yes check Done

This update has already been made in the form of a page dedicated to advertising fanon on the wiki. In the future, it may become possible for advertisement spots around the Fanon Portal.

Update Two: Fanon Policy updates Yes check Done

For months users have been pointing out small flaws in the fanon policy pages, and starting tonight, I will be marking all areas of concern with red text, so that each flaw can be addressed in the War Room seperately, and I don't miss anything out that might need deletion, change, or updating.

Update Three: New process for low quality fanon

A vote will be initiated for four different processes;

  1. low quality fanon is deleted after 30 days (old process)
  2. low quality fanon is moved to userspace (current process)
  3. low quality fanon is tagged for improvement by Fanonbenders
  4. some other process is formulated.

See forum discussion.

Update Four: Synchronised news and updates pages

A one stop shop for all new and updates pages on the wiki, via the use of {{SUBST:}} and possible subpaging... Still in formulation, probably lots of testing in my sandbox... Follow this blog for quick updates on what's happening and changing in the Fanon Portal.

Update Five: Category cleaning

It is apparent on the Fanon Portal that a lot of the categories are a mess. I've been looking to fix this for quite a while now but without permission to do so. Now once this discussion closes and everyone is happy, I can start work on cleaning this mess up.

Update Six: Hotlinking images to fanon articles

With the current image policy, a limit of three images can be uploaded for fanon articles, as far as I'm aware, and this may limit the use of images which can be very beneficial in creating an expansive array of imagery in a reader's mind, so hotlinking may be a possible alternative to the copious amount of images used on Avatar Wiki.

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Please remember to stay civil. This means that you should not harass other users or their views.

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