This issue...

  • Rassilon of Old introduces The White Lotus Sentinel
  • AvatarRokusGhost promotes our fanon portal
  • Suzon reviews Avatar: Guardian
  • MateyY interviews RuleroftheBisons97, and hosts the reader's opinion piece


  • Master Ratava applies to be a beta-reader for adventure post-Korra fanons.
  • Suzon applies to be a beta-reader for action/adventure fanons.
  • Saphira1001 applies to be an editor for any type story. Saphira1001 can also help with templates.
  • *Wildfire* applies to be an editor for templates or stories.
  • Master Ratava requests an illustrator for Avatar: The First Skybender.
  • Suzon requests an illustrator for The Lifebenders.
  • kuzonkid7 requests an illustrator for The Lost Air Temple.
48px-1635895.png Beyond the newsletter
Rassilon of Old

Welcome to the very first issue of The White Lotus Sentinel, your centralized location for all the latest and greatest fan fiction news and reviews! Before we begin, I'd like to elaborate a little bit on the basic setup of the newsletter, so you, the readers, can get the most out of it. Let's begin with the columns.

At this stage, there are four different columns that may be included in any one issue, these are; the "Editorial", the column you're currently reading where I get to rant or express my views on the hot topics of the fanon portal. There's the "Latest releases", a list of the fanon chapter releases of the week, as well as information on the newest series to hit the portal. Third, the "What everyone's reading" column, will be my review of some of the most popular fanon of the week, which you guessed it, everyone is reading. As a sister column to "What everyone's reading", "What everyone should be reading" will be a review of the newest, unread fan fiction on the portal, not so unlike my previous "Undiscovered fanon" column I wrote for The Ba Sing Se Times. You'll be seeing those columns next issue.

There are also several special columns, which may not appear every issue, such as "Fanon in time", interviews with authors, and "Hitting the portal". Also in each issue, will be a readers' opinion section, where you will be able to share your thoughts and opinions on the week's fanon.

Let's get started!

48px-3327121.png Why the Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal?

So, like me, you like the show Avatar: The Last Airbender and its successor The Legend of Korra. You also like to write, and, like me, you decided to combine the two and write a fanon story based on the Avatar world. Now you're wondering where to take that creativity of yours and make it known to similar people who might appreciate it. The internet is filled with fan fiction hubs to consider. When I began my story, I chose to publish it here, on the Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal, and I'm glad that I did, for a number of reasons.

Variety: Unlike many fan fiction sites, the creativity does not end with the content of the story itself. Users here have the option of customizing their main page with formats, templates and images, creating character pages as well as articles for events and locations within the fanon's universe. Although some complex wikia coding may be required to make the page the way you want, there are many seasoned experts willing to lend a hand. At the end of the day, the page itself can be much more eye-catching and aesthetic than a simple title or message board post elsewhere.

Promotion: It's true that most stories don't get a lot of attention when they are first published, but there are many avenues that are open to take to change this. New authors are able to create blogs to discuss their fanon and what it is about. Anyone is allowed to sign up for a review from the Fanon Review Squad or an interview from the Fanon Fact Finders. There is also our newly-revived fanon advertising system, designed to bring attention to newer, lesser-known stories. Plus, once a fanon does have people reading it, it is eligible for perks such as fanonbending, Fanon Awards and being featured on the main page.

Community: Every fanon writer on here, no matter who they are, was once new and undiscovered, so they understand where you're coming from and will most likely be welcoming and accommodating to new members of this community. Being combined with the canon side of the site, Avatar Wiki is a supportive place for a diverse group of individuals, united by a common interest, who work together and help each other out. We allow stories to be co-authored, which a lot of fan fiction sites do not, for the worry that drama will erupt on which author readers like more. There are even large collaborative projects like crossovers, a universally-written story and an RPG.

Commenting: On this wiki we have article comments, which allow us to give and receive nice, quick reviews on fanon stories and chapters. These help writers, readers and reviewers to get their word by easing up the bridge of communication. They come on a regular basis, and can be seen on the recent activity page. Sometimes the comments are positive and sometimes not so much. However, even in the latter case, they often offer constructive criticism and advice to help the author improve their story. When the comments are overly-negative and don't serve any purpose other than trolling, an admin or rollback user will dutifully delete such a comment, and get it out of the offended author's way.

Standards: Avatar Wiki has some firm policies and guidelines when it comes to fanons. It's understandable if it takes time to get to know them and get used to them. Fortunately, newcomers aren't demanded to know them all right away. We make a habit of explaining, aiding and assuming good faith. Only intentional trouble-makers need be penalized. The rules are there to make things better and easier for us.

One of particular note is the standards and ratings system. Any genre or story is typically allowed, within reason. While we foster freedom of creativity, we keep in mind the reality that this is a family-friendly site and many young children view it. Stories about perverse and inappropriate topics are not allowed to be posted here. In some cases, there are stories that have a page here, but are posted elsewhere because the content is not suitable. These ones are noted and obvious to spot. We hope to give users access to a wide variety of fan fiction stories and genres, but at the same time assure them that they will not be overwhelmed by anything inappropriate.

So come to Avatar Wiki, post your ATLA and/or Korra-related fiction, introduce yourself to us and dazzle us with your imagination. I hope to send you a welcome message soon!

48px-4298791.png Fanon classics

Next issue, you'll be reading all about the latest fanon stories, but what about the classics? The Book Four: Air's? The Eyes of Katara's? You'll find the "Fanon classics" column will cover all the classic fanon on the wiki, that were not only considered "the best", but define and shape the fanon of today. This issue, we'll be starting with one of the most iconic fan fiction series on the portal, The Bos's Avatar: Guardian.

Avatar: Guardian follows Team Avatar and their attempts to guard the peace they had earned after the war. The series closes up open plot lines from Avatar: The Last Airbender and is one of the most recognizable "after the war" fanon series on the portal. Though the major antagonists change throughout the series, The Bos connects them together throughout. He knew what he was doing when he wrote this, and he continues to show this in his new series Mysteries of My Past. His story tells the epic tale of Team Avatar, as they battle various factions, some whom hate the Fire Nation, and some, who want the Fire Nation to be "restored" to it's previous "glory". Though this series does not link up with The Legend of Korra, it is still a suitable replacement plot line. The Bos writes as if he was Bryke! His writing style, as well as his wit, are enough to make any user addicted to Guardian.

You might be wondering "what makes this fanon such a classic"? Well, Avatar: Guardian is a classic because it is one of the oldest fan fiction on the wiki, as well as the fact that it inspired so many of the fan fiction we see today on the fanon portal. Although it's an after the war fanon, it stands out for it's plot lines and The Bos' writing!

I will rate this fanon with a score of 10 out of 10. It is my personal all time favorite fan fiction on this wiki, as well as many other users favorite. This story continues to inspire users to write fan fiction, and this story is what made me join the wiki!

48px-1635895.png Submitting
Rassilon of Old

I hope you've enjoyed issue #1 of The White Lotus Sentinel, and although we've had a stack of contributors, more are always welcome. You may submit an article to either myself or Master Ratava at our message walls. Please take part in our reader's opinion piece in the comments section, and give a happy birthday to Avatar Wiki! We'll see you in two weeks for our next issue, but until then, happy reading.

48px-4777191.png Fanon author interview

This week, our own MateyY was lucky enough to sit down with RuleroftheBisons97, who has recently been working on his fanon Aang: Story of an Airbender, which tells the story of our favorite airbending Avatar before his flee from the Air Nomads. Since the first chapter's release on January 19 this year, RuleroftheBisons97 has released eleven chapters, all of which have been a pleasure to read.

WLS: To begin our interview, I want to ask how you came up with the idea for Aang: Story of an Airbender? There's always something that drives writers to continue telling stories, what's yours?

RofB: My drive? Hmm, well, my drive is just to entertain people. I watched TV, read books, and I noticed how every character has a grand adventure, and I always wanted to have one. With writing these stories, I'm giving my readers an adventure.

WLS: When discovering Aang’s character before the events that truly shaped him as an Avatar in Avatar: The Last Airbender, what challenges did you face in reshaping a beloved character?

RofB: It was a tough challenge, because I had to undo all of Aang's character development for him to return to the carefree, fun-filled, young boy that he was. He still is one, but throughout the television series, he has taken responsibility. In my series, he still hesitates, like when he ran away when discovering he was the Avatar.

WLS: Not many might be aware, but your antagonist, Afiko, is actually a character from the Avatar Trading Card Game. When you discovered him, how did you feel about his identity; was it a perfect match from the start?

RofB: Afiko is a great villain for me. He had no back story whatsoever; just that he betrayed his people and was killed in 5 ASC. The only challenges I faced with Afiko is thinking why did he betray his people which was discovered in the latest installment of my series. The other challenge I had was making his villainous side shine. Everyone comments on his page on being a bad person, but I am hoping to develop a side of him that my readers may give him sympathy.

WLS: Mia is a character that you yourself describe as "[bearing] a similar appearance to Katara". What inspired that choice of yours?

RofB: Since Aang has a crush on Katara, I kinda wanted to reverse the roles with Mia having the crush. Plus, when I wrote the first chapter, I just pondered why does Mia act so familiar? It wasn't until the next chapter when I discovered why.

WLS: Your story also features some of Aang’s renowned best friends — Kuzon and Bumi — as well as other, new characters. What was the hardest part of shaping them and their characteristics?

RofB: The hardest character for me to develop was Bumi. I had to figure out how he met Aang and became fast friends. I figured that once you "escape prison" together, you had to form a bond. Kuzon was easy to write mostly because his character was written out for me in "Dragon Days".

WLS: Without saying anything else, I wish to note my interest on the fact that Air Nomad Ento was an "Air Agent". Could you please explain a bit more about what this organization does and how you came up with it?

RofB: The Air Agents are a group of Air Nomads that stop any threat to the Air Nomads around the world and tried to discover if the other nations were plotting a war. Since the Air Nomads have no formal military, I decided to let the Air Agents be that formal military, to stop any rising obstacles. It is sad to say that the Agents are no longer around due to the Fire Sages and Fire Lord Sozin.

WLS: If you could have one ability or trait that one of your characters possess, what would it be and whose is it?

RofB: Appa, and I would love to fly.

WLS: Are you planning any further continuations of your story?

RofB: I may or may not. It is kind of too early to say. Only 8 out of the 21 chapters and 2 out of the 5 minisodes have been released.

WLS: Thank you for being a part of this interview, RuleroftheBisons97. Have a great day!

EA: You too. Thanks for interviewing me and great interview!

48px-4777191.png Reader's opinion

The following questions are for you, the readers, to answer and discuss in the comments section below. Tell us what you think of the columns; give any suggestions; and most importantly, enjoy!

  1. What do you think of the first issue of The White Lotus Sentinel?
  2. Which column did you enjoy most and why?
  3. Is there a type of column you'd like to see added?
  4. What fanon series or chapters are you going to read after their recommendation in the Sentinel?

Please remember that the newsletter is created for the community, so if there's any ideas you have, or any issues you'd like addressed, contact me. Don't be afraid to speak your mind!

Yu Dao city streets

If the peace is not united,
it will fade away forever.
The Continuity of Aang

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