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Coming to The Ba Sing Se Times this weekend is a brand new feature. In addition to the current articles and columns in the Times will be a brand new 'fanon editorial', designed to help publicise unknown fanon, updates, concerns and communicate the general happenings of the fanon portal.

In order for this new editorial to be achieved, a number of new contributors will be required. Several users have had an invitation delivered to their talk pages regarding contributions, but as with the Times, anyone is more than welcome to submit any fanon related article.

"Just as the merger between the canon wiki and the fanon wiki was intended to improve the visibility of fanon content (and it did that job very well), a combined newsletter would be much more useful in fulfilling the intention of increasing readership of undiscovered creative stories." - The 888th Avatar on the new editorial.

The next issue of The Ba Sing Se Times is due to be this weekend, and long time chief editor The 888th Avatar and myself will be compiling the new extra lengthy newsletter right up until the issue is published, so it would be appreciated if you could submit an article, whether it be a fanon review, an idea you have had, a question about fanon writing, a fanon poll idea, even a preview of your own fanon before this date.

Any, and all contributions are highly appreciated, and we can't wait to see what you all have up your sleeve(s).

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