Aang in the Avatar State

Administrators of Avatar Wiki have a defined purpose, much like Aang's role in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Yes, my period of inactivity has ended, and the Fanon Awards planning will commence shortly. But before I do any of that, in my inactivity, and whilst participating in the Inactivity and user rights discussion, we (the community) reached the topic of 'a new bureaucrat/administrator?' and 'how many bureaucrats/administrator?' This discussion was dodged as it was fairly unrelated to the topic at hand, but I would like to raise my idea to the attention of the Avatar Wiki Community + Administrators. I believe, that each administrator should have a defined role to play in the organization and smooth operation of Avatar Wiki, much like a business.

The Avatar Wiki:Administrators page has brief descriptions of each administrator, and their skill. If this defined role idea was enforced, it would be quite clear that Joeyaa would be in charge of CSS and Javascript, Thailog in charge of file management and enforcing policies related to such, The 888th Avatar in charge of maintaining and writing policies and content management (ie. featured article), and lastly Vulmen would be in charge of community interaction (ie. comments and blogs) and community well being (anti-bullying/harrasment, etc.) and vandalism management. Now of course vandalism would be a part of every administrator's duty, but Vulmen is the 'go-to-guy' of sorts. These duties might also overlap, but it is an easy way of ensuring that everything that needs to be done is done, and are done smoothly.

This should also apply to bureaucrats and fanon administrators. Becoming a bureaucrat is not just something that happens after being an administrator for a long period of time, but it also defines extra roles for that administrator to fill, and manage extra tasks given to them. In this case, Joeyaa is in charge of Javascript and wiki advertisement, and The 888th Avatar is in charge of themes (and related) and again policies. But is a new bureaucrat needed? I believe so, and The 888th Avatar has said, " would be beneficial to have another bureaucrat, but I think a higher priority is another admin or two." I think that if there was to be another bureaucrat, they should have the sole duty of maintaining user rights (and blocking users), which includes granting, revising, and removing them based on the inactivity policies described.

For fanon administrators, Carloso's purpose should be to maintain fanon namespace vandalism and comment harrasement, whilst The Bos' should be rating fanon and content management, ie. featured fanon/article, and moving fanon to namespace when required. I believe another fanon administrator is required to fill the roles of fanon projects and policies, as some fanon policies are a little unclear.

On new administrators, I believe their should be an administrator to fill the roles of Film namespace management, as it is quite unorganized and in my opinion, neglected. And maybe an admin for managing the new Transcript namespace.

These roles, if chosen to be lead by, ensure the smooth operation and interaction of the wiki, and prevent anything from being neglected (which currently is happening). Also my reasons for the new bureacrat, two new administrators, and one new fanon administrator should be considered, as a vast amount of administrators and rollbacks have had their user rights removed in the past few weeks. As always, the community's input is gladly appreciated, for opinion, possible alterations, and suggestions of administration roles. Rassilon of Old (Talk - TTFF - Teru)

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