Hi, me agian, working away at my new fanon Avatar: The Legend of Teru. Whilst writing the chapters, I have also been creating character pages and such. I have given pictures to all of my characters so far except for one, my main character. So I was wondering if you could help me out and find a suitable image for me!
Avatar The Legend of Teru

Avatar: The Legend of Teru

The character, is Teru, sixteen years old, Earthbender, and the current incarnation of the Avatar. I like to think of him as a tallish boy with short messy brown hair and tanned skin. I would love to have an image of Teru in the infobox on his page, to make it look nicer, but alas, I can not find one myself.

I would prefer the image to be from Avatar, but if it isn't I don't mind. Just something to put there. Please comment below with a link to the image, or better still the image itself!

Thanks in advance, Will94 (Talk - Teru)

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