Hi there, Will94 here. I am a pretty new user here at Avatar Wiki, but I hope to meet you all and help out the wiki as much as possible!

Anyway, the reason I have started this blog is for some help. I have just started a fanon called Avatar: The Legend of Teru, and I need help naming one of the characters. Just in case it helps, I will describe her a bit. She is the female protagnoist, 15 years old and she does not posses the ability to bend, nor is she skilled in martial
Avatar The Legend of Teru

Avatar: The Legend of Teru

arts. She has long brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skinned and quite beautiful. She is very adventurous, outgoing, witty and caring for the environment.

So I have a few names circulating my mind, but I am yet to choose one. I will list them below.

  • Kara
  • Yuan
  • Amelia
  • Jasmine
  • Jia
  • Lin

So please help out by selecting a name (or a few) from above, and post your choice below. If you want you could suggest a name of your own. Thank you in advance, Will94.

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