Our thoughts today should be with MightyBrit and his family, after I recieved word of his current condition earlier this morning.

As we all know, MightyBrit, or Seb as some of us knew him, was in a car accident some months ago, and his activity greatly hindered due to his injuries. We, and I, were told that he was fine, and that he was well on the way to a successful and full recovery, but unfortunately this was not to be the case.

Just under a month ago, Seb suffered a heart murmur, and has been comatosed ever since. For anyone who does not understand the term, comatosed is to be in a state of deep unconsciousness for a prolonged or indefinite period, as a result of severe injury or illness.

The doctors did tell Seb that this was a posibility, but "the stubborn bugger" - as his sister refered to him - decided to ignore it, and not tell anyone.

As for his recovery, Seb has not shown any signs of improvement, and his family are beginning to talk options, options which hopefully will never be put into action.

Let's all hope above all that Seb does make a recovery from his injuries, that he is able to return to our community, and I'll be sure to keep you updated on his condition. Regards, Rassilon of Old.

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