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"Another Korra blog!?" I know, you're getting sick of it, I hear you, but this was something I wanted to do myself just to hear you opinions on the questions I'll be asking. Oh, and just in case you live under a rock and you haven't seen the Legend of Korra trailer, watch it now. And if you have seen it, continue reading.

You've read the news, the updates, the continuous blabbery fan chat amongst users, now it's time to make some more blabbery fan chat, but possibly constructive. I have watched and screencaped the bujeebuz out of the trailer, and it took a good half hour to compile, crop, and upload these images, so someone better be reading. XD

Basically, this blog is going to be me, and you, pointing out various details in the trailer, and asking questions that arise from the answering of others, whilst referencing the screenshots I've taken. So, let's begin, shall we?

New Air Temples?

I will be referencing these two images ( one and two)

Now, I know the first image just looks like an island, but if you watch the video in fullscreen in high quality, you will see quite clearly, black objects moving around the tower erect on the island. Now, at first, I thought they might be blimps, but then the next shot appeared with the Sky Bison flying past the camera into some kind of settlement, and I thought; "maybe they are both new Air Temples." Now, there is of course, the possibility that these a mere flashbacks to a time before Korra, or even Aang, but I don't think so, I think these "temples" are con-current with Legend of Korra.

The "Face Kick Man"

I will again be referencing two images (three and four)

This man, so named for the nature of image four, is the odd and reapearing "Face Kick Man". Who is he? He appears twice in the trailer, unless I missed him along the way, and if I did, please tell me. The first time we see him, he is chasing Korra and Naga from a rooftop, when he jumps into the air, and I think he Firebends... Though the video may have changed clips in an awkward moment and given this illusion. Who is he? I think he could be a member of the police that Bei Fong belongs to. What do you think?

Korra's "Fire Suit"

I will be referencing three images (five, six and seven)

Now, from a very early stage of the San Diego Comic-Con panel, I believe some artwork was revealed of Korra in some kind of fire suit, the same suit which features frequently in the trailer, however, Korra doesn't seem to be the only one wearing the suit. No, Mako and Bolin have been seen wearing a very similar outfit, as seen in image six. Also been seen wearing the suit, is whoever is fighting in image seven, so perhaps this suit, is infact a uniform for Pro-Bending.

Town hall or palace or church?

I will be referencing one image (eight)

So, what could this be? My initial thought would be a town hall or something of the like, but it is also entirely possible that this is indeed a United Republic Palace. Another thought I had was something like a church, where the people pray, and whatever you do in a church. I wouldn't know, I'm not reigious.

Aang a member of the Order?

I will be referencing two images (nine and ten)

So, first I'd like to say that I didn't see this, no, this was mentioned by a user on The 888th Avatar's blog, Korra trailer and Comic Con updates but alas, I'm far too lazy to go searching through the pages of comments to find the user, but whoever it was, thanks. Yes, Aang's statue, very exciting, but looking closer, I think the creators have given us a few hints about Aang's time as Avatar after the War. As you can see if you look closely at image nine, Aang's left foot is standing on something, which to me, looks like a flower. Is it possible that this flower is infact a White Lotus flower? Also, looking very squinty-eyed close at image ten, Aang has a brooch, could this be a White Lotus symbol? Was Aang infact a member of the Order of the White Lotus?


I will be referencing one image, (eleven)

What! Boomerang! Where? Well, it might not be... :\ But there is something flying in image eleven, it looks like a beige-ish green colour. It might be a chunk of earth, but to me, it looks as though it's spinning around, and "BOOMERANG!" was the first thing that came to my head...


I will be referencing one image (twelve)

It looks as though the Mechanists candle sparky things, along with the watch-like object he made for Sokka in Day of Black Sun evolved into a form of clock, and they look like grandfather clocks! See? See! In the shop window! I do like that, but what I like more, is the idea that if the Avatar World can now tell the time, perhaps they have a dating system! And I don't mean blind dating or whatever, but a way of telling what day it is, what date it is, etc! That's pretty exciting if you ask me.

Gansta people

I will be referencing three images (thirteen, fourteen and fifteen)

Who are these three guys? I'm going to go ahead and assume that they are regular characters, in either the episode they appear or in the series, mainly because they were included in the trailer. To me, that has importance bells flashing around it... But anyway, whoever they are, they seemed either scared to meet Korra, or really suprised, and so I'm going to assume, again, that they know who she is, and by her facial expression, she knows them too. But who are they? Well whoever they are, the man with the red scarf in the far left of image thirteen gets thrown through the clock store window by Korra in image fifteen. Oh look, clocks again! I do like those clocks. But anyway, again, I'm assuming she is familiar with them.

Korra's home

I will be referencing one image (sixteen)

Now I could just be stupid and forgetful, but it wasn't ever confirmed where exactly Korra lived, was it? Well judging by image sixteen, it looks like the Southern Water Tribe, but it could also be the Northern Water Tribe, you know, in that area where Zuko escaped with Aang during the Siege of the North? Where he drags Aang along? Maybe? What do you think?

Glimse of opening sequence?

I will be referencing one image (seventeen)

Well I think so anyway. It does look like Avatar: The Last Airbender's opening sequence, with the three guys and Azula bending away with their elements. I do hope that Mike and Bryan follow this 'tradition', if you will, and make an updated version of the opening sequence.

Snowy tribe or temple?

I will be referencing one image (eighteen)

So, tribe or temple? I initially just thought it's the Water Tribe, or a Water Tribe, but I watched a YouTube vid, and this guy said he thought it could also be a rebuilt Air Temple, and you know what? Since the next two shots of the trailer are of Air Temples, maybe it is. Anyway, just a thought. :P

New Water Tribe insignia?

I will be referencing two images (nineteen and twenty)

So, look at Korra's chest, well above it, because that would be naughty. :P You will notice a round target-like shape on her parka, could this be a new Water Tribe insignia? I mean, if you look at Naga, she has the same symbol on her chest piece, which makes me wonder, perhaps it is!

From Rassilon:

Well that's all I could see, but if you see anything, mention it in the comments below and I'll cap it and post it into the blog. Also, speaking of caps, feel free to use any screencaps I have taken of the trailer for whatever means you like, no need to credit, I didn't make the trailer.

If you want a particular image, request one and I'll happily cap the crap out of the trailer. So thanks for reading, and post your thoughts below!

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